Karate Program

At Williams After School Programs we teach karate, wrestling and other forms of self defense to enhance your physical and mental abilities.  All of these areas are related, and practice in one area will help development in the other areas. Making your kata better will improve your sparring abilities; continued practice of basic will improve your kata. Beginning students learn the fundamentals of karate-do.  This not only includes the physical aspects of karate: body awareness, coordination and strength training but also skills necessary in all other aspects of life:  listening, self-control, self-esteem and respect. Learn more about our Sanders Corner Elementary karate program here.

After School Program

Williams After School Programs’ objective of the After School Program is to create a safe and clean environment in which children can learn, be active and grow into confident, responsible young adults.  At Williams After School Programs, we encourage children to foster good relationships, demonstrate responsibility by completing homework, expand their minds through our enrichment programs, build strong physical fitness skills, learn martial arts and have fun!  Learn more about our Sanders Corner Elementary after school program here.

Enrichment Programs

Enrichment programs do wonders for kids self-esteem and help them grow.  Here at Williams After School Programs, we recognize this and offer some amazing enrichment programs for kids. We have abrakadoodle, guitar lessons, dance classes, bricks 4 kidz, and Incrediflix.  All of our enrichment programs are taught by amazing instructors, who are great with kids. Learn about our Sanders Corner Elementary enrichment programs here.

Summer Camps

School is out and summer fun begins at Williams After School Programs!  Each week begins a new theme to our summer camps.  Children may brandish their sword, defending their ship in a pirate camp.  Or they may throw on a lab coat as we enter our mad scientist’s lab.  We could feed the animals if we visit the animal park.  We may make a mess whipping up something in the kitchen.

We explore the theme of the week through interactive, hands-on activities, team building games, enriching crafts, and exciting field trips.  In the past, we have visited such thrilling places as the Shenandoah Caverns Maryland Science Center, Route 11 Chip Factory, Shenandoah Children’s Discovery Museum, National Air & Space Museum, and Newseum. There is always karate and the opportunity to play outside whether we visit local parks or go out back for Frisbees throw, football toss, sidewalk chalk, jump rope and more. Learn about our Sanders Corner Elementary school break and Summer camp here.

After School Pick Up

You have many choices when it comes to choosing the best after school pickup in Sanders Corner Elementary, but trust Williams After School Programs for convenient, safe, and fun pickup! Our Sanders Corner Elementary after school pickup services ensure your child can enjoy their after school activities. We can conveniently and safely pick up from several local elementary and middle schools and bring your child to our facility. Learn more about our Sanders Corner Elementary after school pickup locations here.

Get in Touch with Us at Williams After School Programs!

At Williams After School Programs, we develop our after school programs to bring out the best in your child. As our team understands that every child learns differently, we are able to effectively encourage growth in physical, mental, and emotional well-being. Not only do we offer fun and games, but we provide quality homework support and physical conditioning classes as well. We look forward to providing your child the resources they need to become a well-rounded and responsible individual.