At Williams Martial Arts & Fitness, we teach karate, wrestling and other forms of self-defense to enhance your child’s physical and mental abilities. In our karate program, we focus on improving students’ kata, which pertains to the forms and movements necessary for karate. Improving your child’s kata will also improve their sparring abilities and self-defense skills. Consistent practice of karate basics will gradually improve their kata.

Beginning Students

Beginning students learn the fundamentals of karate-do. Not only does this include the physical aspects of karate—body awareness, coordination and strength training—but the skills necessary in all other aspects of life—listening, self-control, self-esteem and respect.

Making Progress

Each student is monitored on his or her individual progress. Each student will be evaluated on his or her own ability and whether they demonstrate a willingness, attitude and effort to do their best. As students grow and master the skills at each of the different levels, we will build on their expertise and introduce more complex physical skills, advanced katas, and disciplined behavior.

Student-Teacher Ratio

For our 1st – 5th graders, we have a student-teacher ratio of 10:1 and for 6th graders and up of 15:1. This low ratio allows our staff to get to know your child on a personal level and encourages them to meet their goals.

Let Your Child Grow

Karate teaches children discipline, hard work, and self-esteem making it an excellent complement to your child’s future. Our karate program and self-defense classes ensure your child is healthy in both body and mind. Our staff is dedicated to seeing your child grow and reach their goals as we offer personalized attention to help them achieve success.

Get started today and allow us to teach your child self-defense and self-confidence. Contact us at (703) 858-3800 to sign up for our karate program!