Let your children find inspiration with the Abrakadoodle art experience. This engaging enrichment program is oriented around creativity through various multi-media art lessons and mediums for kids. Children will have the chance to take exploration to a new level using different artistic tools and mediums, such as watercolor, tempera paint, oil pastels, air-dry clay and more. Our Young Artists class introduces the masters in art and delves into a variety of art styles, which leaves students with the opportunity to create their own pieces to bring home every week.

Guitar Lessons

Students can obtain the ultimate music experience with private and group guitar lessons with Steven Jannette. Steven is a well-rounded performance musician and teacher that teaches our enrichment program guitar lessons. For over a decade, Steven has been very involved in the Northern VA music scene performing with multiple bands and jazz ensembles and is excited to share this genre experience with his students. Students will be able to understand how to read music, understand music theory, and learn how to play multiple chords and scales all while attaining the knowledge of different genres and artists.

  • Small group lessons available on Fridays at 3:45, 4:15 & 4:45 PM
  • Four group lessons are $69/month.

E3 Academy

We encourage students to find a good balance that works best for them with engaging after school programs and flourishing one’s education. While our team understands that no one child learns the same, our instructors offer tutoring and test prep assistance that can be suited to each students’ needs.

Get started today and register your child in an Enrichment Program! We look forward to helping your child grow and have fun!